Welcome to dav.d photography

Hey! It's a photography website! I am a photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I try to update the website as much as I can. It contains a fraction of my photography to date. 

Feel free to follow me on Instagram for some professional photos and for snapshots. I share things I think are cool or funny. It is a big hodgepodge but it gets more attention than my website. 

I don't specialize in one type of photography either. I shoot some portraits, weddings, food photography, landscapes, and more. 

Impromptu Product Photography

If you don’t know, I have a day job at Nu Skin as one of their UX/UI/Web/Mobile app developers. I get to wear ...

Food Photography in Spring

I was the food photographer for these delicious items back in Spring. The chef and author, Donna Kelly, was focusing ...

Steven Fales One Man Play

Steven Fales hired me as the production photographer for his most recent one man play. He tells his story growing up ...

Photographing Children

Our Services

  • Everyone needs an amazing portrait that captures a person's personality. I photograph everything from simple headshots to lifestyle portraiture. Great lighting and a fun atmosphere lead to great moments captured on camera.

  • Now that gay marriage is legal everyone seems to be getting married. You need a great wedding photographer. I've photographed in Park City, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and California... and that is just the start. Your wedding day should be unique and beautiful and I would love to capture those memories for you.

  • I don't cook but I have photographed two cookbooks, the menus for several restaurants, and recipes for local food bloggers. Great lighting and styling make or break food photography. I've got the lighting and I am working on the styling.

Meet the Photographer



dav.d is a portrait photographer but dabbles in food photography and wedding photography. Photography is his second job and full time love/hobby. He almost always has a camera with him..