dav.d in studio holding a camera

dav.d daniels is the photographer behind dav.d photography. And yes, he spells his name “dav.d” on purpose. There are so many people named David in the world and dav.d looks internet-ish.

Writing about myself is a challenge. It is such a self centered activity and it feels weird. I will update this page when I can think of some creative things to say.

As a photographer I consider myself an artist. And like artists I use several mediums to express my vision. I shoot digital, film, Polaroid, and I use Photoshop for fun and digital creativity.

I can do a lot better to update my website, however, if you want to see some everyday updates be sure to follow me on Instagram. I try to update at least once a day. I often will include some of my latest professional work, and a lot of random fun.

In fact this is a behind the scenes photograph of my family!

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